Explosion of Love

The Armstrong Series Book 6

It takes an explosives expert to handle the sparks between them - and he's the best one.

The only woman Grant Paxton ever wanted is the one he can’t have. Samantha Armstrong is the off-limits youngest sister of two of his best friends – and already taken.

Samantha Armstrong is one of the hottest top models in New York. When her slimebag boyfriend pulls another stunt on her, she’s about to ruin her career and her life. She breaks up with him for good and rushes into the arms of her best friend Grant Paxton, who works as a demolition expert in Chicago.

Grant knows it’s a mistake to let her crash at his place, but who is he to send away a friend in distress? Especially if it’s the woman he’s loved since they both were kids.

When Samantha meets Grant again, heat is in the air. The attraction between them intensifies during their visit to Sandy Beach, where they spent many happy childhood summers. But he’s been her best friend forever and she’s determined not to ruin their friendship by letting herself fall in love with him.

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