Running for Love: Los Angeles Armstrongs Book 4

The Armstrong Series Book 10

Vivian Armstrong is running a triathlon, but not because she wants to...

When fate literally crashes her into former Ironman winner Rock Martens, she's never met a man so hot. 
Scorching hot...oh yeah, and bossy and arrogant too. With five brothers already filling the overbearing male quota in her life, the last thing she needs is another man bossing her around.

So why does she offer to run a triathlon in his place? 
Sure, he broke an ankle due to their crash encounter and maybe she feels bad about that, but it's not because she’s attracted to the guy, right? 
Maybe it's a little guilt or maybe it’s just the right thing to do, but most of all it has nothing, absolutely nothing at all to do with his drool-worthy, muscled body or his insanely irresistible smile...

Will Vivian scrap the idea and tell him she can't do it...or will she get too distracted by his sexy-as-sin grin? 
Will Rock turn out to be the man she's never really wanted but her heart has always needed?

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