Eternity of Love: Los Angeles Armstrongs Book 3

The Armstrong Series Book 9

Billionaire hotel owner Preston Armstrong steps into a busy street in Rome and almost gets run over by feisty woman on a bright red Vespa. The motorbike courier has curves in all the right places. 
But after the bitter betrayal of his fiancée, he’s not in the mood for a flirt. Although … it might provide a much needed distraction from his pain.

Hot-tempered Italian Gina Giordano is angry with the man who stepped in front of her Vespa. She needs her courier job to make ends meet. Between work and study she has no time for a man. Although … just looking at the sexy-as-hell man makes her lick her lips. 
But when Gina finds out he has a fiancée she’d rather scratch out his eyes than scream his name in delight. 

Can the unlikely couple keep their hands off each other, or will they act on the sparks of passion flying between them?

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