Only Love Heals A Heart

A WW2 Romance

The Nazis were the ones who lost the war, so why does it feel like I got the short straw?

I returned home to my beloved Poland and yet, there’s nothing for me to be happy about. 

Without my leg I’m only half a man. A cripple everyone eyes with pity or disdain.

Drowning my desperation in alcohol, I’m not sure there’s a reason for me to stay alive – until the day Agnieska shows up on my porch.

Despite having known her for half of my life, suddenly all I can see is her naked body writhing beneath me.

There’s just one problem: She deserves so much better than a gruff, broken, ill tempered man like me.

But when she looks at me with those eyes, how am I supposed to keep my hands and lips off of her?

Just when I thought there might be a happy future for both of us, my temper causes a chain reaction of awful events and I almost lose the woman for whom I have fallen with all my soul. 

Only one thing I can do to keep her safe. But how can I push the scars of the past aside to do what is right? 

Fall in love with Stan in this passionate, sexy standalone historical romance. 

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