Jessica's Books

Here's the recommended reading order for my books, if you like to read them in order. Otherwise you can dive right in wherever you want, though I recommend to always start with the first book in a series, because it introduces the characters of all family members and the setting.

Series: Falling for Him

My first series is a steamy new adult romance series.
Books 1 through 5 are a mini-serial within the series and have cliffhangers. The other books can be read as stand alone.

Book 1: Rachel and Peter FREE Book!

Book 2: Rachel and Peter in Spain

Book 3: Rachel and Peter in Santa Clara

Book 4: Lara and David

Book 5: The Wedding (Rachel and Peter)

Stubborn Love (Clara and Nigel)

Short Story: Christmas Miracle (Rachel and Peter)

I Love You Twice (Melissa and Dean)

Found by Love (Lee and Rocco)

Rekindled Love

For fans of bundles, here are all the stories in boxed sets.
Falling for Him Boxed Set Books 2-5

Falling for Him Boxed Set Books 6-8 + Bonus Book

Series: The Armstrongs in Love

This big family contemporary romance series features hunky alpha males and strong, empowered women. They're sexy, passionate, and funny, but also have their flaws and hardships. Each of the books can be read as a stand-alone novel, but for more enjoyment you might want to read them in order. Characters from one book follow through to the next books.

Start with the Chicago Armstrons and continue with Love in Sandy Beach or the Los Angeles Armstrongs.

Chicago Armstrongs

Power of Love (Trevor and Nicole) FREE Book!

Forever my Love (Ryan and Kendra)

Daring to Love (Evan and Charlene)

Surprised by Love (Douglas and Toni)

Travel, Live, Love (Patrick and Angela)

Explosion of Love (Samantha and Grant)

I Love You Twice (Melissa and Dean) --> this book links the Armstrongs (Dean) to the Falling for Him series (Melissa).

The Armstrongs in Love Boxed Set Books 1-3 + Bonus Book

The Armstrongs in Love Boxed Set Books 4-6 + Bonus Book

Los Angeles Armstrongs

You can dive right in with the Los Angeles Armstrongs, but I recommend to read the Love in Sandy Beach Series with the Paxton Family first (see the links below).

Quest for Love (Chuck and Linda)

Burning for Love (Drake and Roxie)

Eternity of Love (Preston and Gina)

Running for Love (Vivian and Rock)

Diving into Love (River and Pippa)

Blazing with Love - COMING SOON

Fireworks of Love (Rowan and Jin Yue)


Series: Love in Sandy Beach

This series takes off where Chicagoe Armstrongs left, and you'll have cameos of your beloved Armstrong siblings and their partners, as well as characters from the Falling for Him series.
More hunky heroes and sexy, sassy, heroines. Each of the books can be read as a stand-alone novel.

Momentous Kisses (Allison and Russell) FREE Book!

Billionaire Kisses (Reese and Nik)

Turbulent Kisses (Chase and Pearl)

Determined Kisses (Ethan and Hazel)

Resounding Kisses (Terrence and Ivy)

And here's the boxed set to the series:

Sandy Beach Kisses Complete Collection

Series: Bad Boy Love

Bad boys take over in this series, but with all the raw emotion you know from my other series. The first book FERNANDO picks up where Falling for Him stopped: after the story of Karen and Robert.

And you'll get to know some of the Armstrong cousins (Los Angeles Armstrongs).

Hotter as sin, bad ass heroes and strong, sexy, empowered heroines. Each of the books can be read as a stand-alone novel.

Dirty Tricks (Fernando and Gwen)

Dirty Fight (Ben and Irena)


Only Love Heals A Heart: A WW2 Romance

Fall in love with Stan in this passionate, sexy standalone historical romance.

Only Love Heals A Heart