I Love You Twice

Falling for Him Series Book 7

Melissa Walter just turned 21. Three years ago her life almost ended in a tragedy. When she found out that she was pregnant, her boyfriend broke up with her and her abusive father kicked her and little baby Happy out of the house. 

Since then she has grown into an empowered young woman, giving 100% of her dedication to her daughter, thriving for a better future for both of them. 

Love and romance isn't on her schedule. She desperately tries to protect her heart from the handsome and charismatic man who enters the diner on her first day of work.

Dean Armstrong, a renowned scientist and professor of zoology, doesn’t believe in relationships with younger women. But when he meets Melissa, it’s love at first sight. Love for both, Melissa and her three-year-old daughter Happy. 

Soon he’s determined to give her what she’s been looking for her entire live: unconditional love.

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