Falling for Him 4

Falling for Him Series Book 4

Lara’s lowest point in life had come when she climbed on top of an office building to jump down. After her mental breakdown she's now recovering in a fancy rehab center. Her doctor David is hot. Too hot for her own good. She's determined to seduce him, but he won't give in. 

Even though David's immensely attracted to her, he thinks she's a selfish and irresponsible brat. Can she get a second chance at her life and convince him of the contrary?

David keeps the professional distance between them by all means, until the day, when Lara saves his life. Both of them are overwhelmed by the intense emotions they have for each other. Emotions that are a strict no-go. Their patient-doctor relationship stands in the way. And the horrible secret she's shared only with David. He urges her to come clean with the persons she hurt, but she won't.

Is there any chance for them to overcome theses obstacles? Will Lara change enough to become a better person? And will David risk his promising career just for her?

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