Billionaire Kisses

Love in Sandy Beach Series Book 2

Professional organizer Reese Paxton is in Northern Australia - alone. She desperately needs a travel companion to cross the continent. But the only one offering a ride is the arrogant, obnoxious, and completely disorganized stranger who saved her at the beach. Despite his gorgeous looks, it's hate at first sight.

Nikos Petridis has fallen in disgrace with his grandfather, the billionaire shipping tycoon. After a publicity disaster and an arrest, his grandfather has sent him to Australia to grow up and disappear from the public eye for as long as needed. 

When Nikos meets Reese, he enjoys pushing all of her buttons, just to see her angry stare. She's hot and she doesn't know who he is. 
But can they survive two weeks squeezed into a camper van fighting like cat and dog?

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