The Armstrongs in Love Series Boxed Set

Books 1 - 3 + Bonus Book


They didn't believe in love anymore, until they met each other. 
Handsome and successful divorce lawyer Trevor Armstrong doesn't believe in love anymore. Every day he sees marriage after marriage fail. When he wins another prestigious case he just wants to wind down and forget the harsh reality of life, a woman is not on his mind - until Nicole Kendrick enters the bar. She changes everything he thought to know about women. 

Nicole Kendrick needs Trevor Armstrong - as an interview guest for her radio show. Not more. Not less. Definitely not for love. She's been burnt before and has vowed to never again let a man control her. She needs to guard her heart and protect herself from men. Especially from Trevor, who's a lot more attractive than she's willing to admit.


Ten years after they break up, fate brings them together again, and the flaring flames are hotter than ever 
Kendra O'Neill has a successful career as jewelry specialist at the premier auction house in Chicago. When a super-exclusive necklace is brought to her desk for auction, she has no choice but to meet the man who made it. The only man she's ever loved, the man who broke her heart more than a decade ago. 

Ryan Armstrong is a highly sought-after goldsmith and jeweler. He has everything: a career he loves, all the money he wants, friends, a loving family, casual relationships with the best-looking women in Chicago. But when he sees Kendra O'Neil again, he suddenly realizes that without her, his life is empty and shallow. 
The attraction between them is hotter than ever, but both of them are still suffering from the hurt they caused each other so many years ago. Can they overcome the pain and find a way to forgive each other for the past mistakes? Or will they keep hurting each other? 


What started as a game, turns into something deep and meaningful, that threatens to burn them both. 
Charlene Diamond is a skiing instructor at Eagle Mountain. She loves her job and has big dreams for the future. When she first meets insanely handsome Evan Armstrong she's immediately attracted by his charms, until she finds out, she's been nothing more than a bet. 

Evan Armstrong, three-times World Champion knows his effect on women - all of them. But when he meets Charlene, his world turns upside down. He wants to change his 
reckless behavior for her, but his temper catches up with him time and again. 
Charlene has her own secret, that jeopardizes her future and Evan is the only one who can help her. 


Melissa Walter just turned 21. Three years ago her life almost ended in a tragedy. When she found out that she was pregnant, her boyfriend broke up with her and her abusive father kicked her and little baby Happy out of the house. 
Since then she has grown into an empowered young woman, giving 100% of her dedication to her daughter, thriving for a better future for both of them. 

Love and romance isn't on her schedule. She desperately tries to protect her heart from the handsome and charismatic man who enters the diner on her first day of work.
Dean Armstrong, a renowned professor of zoology, doesn’t believe in relationships with younger women. But when he meets Melissa, it’s love at first sight. Love for both, Melissa and her three-year-old daughter Happy. Soon he’s determined to give her what she’s been looking for her entire live: unconditional love.

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